Indian Shopping Complexes Feature In ‘Notorious Markets’ List By US

Indian Shopping Complexes Feature In 'Notorious Markets' List By US

The list of notorious markets of 2020 provided by the US includes Indian markets as well. There are four Indian markets including in the list of notorious markets by US 2020 for counterfeiting and piracy.

Snapdeal is one of the four Indian markets included in the list. The other three markets are Tank Road in Delhi, Heera Panna in Mumbai, Kidderpore in Kolkata, and Millennium Centre in Aizawl.

US Trade Representatives (USTR) have provided an annual list of markets that are reported to engage in or facilitate substantial trademark counterfeiting and copyright piracy. In this annual list, there are 38 online markets and 34 physical markets.

The USTR said that Snapdeal which is one of India’s largest e-commerce platforms is known as a place to buy counterfeit shoes and watches.

In November 2018, a survey conducted revealed that thirty-seven percent of the consumers reported of getting counterfeit products from Snapdeal.

Delhi’s Tank Road market was in the Notorious Markets List as well in 2019. It said that it has been confirmed from right holders that this market is selling counterfeit products which also includes footwear and apparel. It further said that this market even supplies wholesale counterfeit products to other markets in Delhi like the Gaffar market, Ajmal Khan road.

It further said that no problem is faced by wholesale vendors while operating, they operate freely and they have a well-established business for many years.

The USTR said that the five-story Millennium Centre in Aizawl has been a major market for goods that are being produced in China, Korea, and Thailand.

It further added that a majority of electronic products found at this market are counterfeit.

The USTR reported that Heera Panna indoor market in Mumbai houses approximately 140 shops were being reported for selling counterfeit watches that are of high quality, including leather goods, cosmetics, shoes, and electronic items.

In the report, the USTR said that according to right holders, intellectual property enforcement is difficult in these markets as they are being protected by authorities present there locally.

In the report, it is mentioned that approximately 2.5 per-cent which is near about half of trillion-dollar worth products are being imported worldwide that are counterfeit and pirated.


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