IPS Officer Assaulting His Wife, Viral Video, Relieved From His Duties

IPS Officer Assaulting His Wife, Viral Video, Relieved From His Duties

A video went viral of an IPS officer assaulting his wife has been relieved of duties. On Monday, Shivraj Singh Chauhan the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh said that the officer has been removed from his duties.

Purushottam Sharma the officer was seen in the video thrashing his wife. His wife was seen resisting the assault in the video.

“The officer has been relieved of his duties. Action will be taken against anyone who holds a responsible position, but indulges in illegal activities and taking law into his hands,” the chief minister said.

The state home department Under-Secretary Annu Bhalavi ordered the removal of Sharma, 1986 batch IPS officer from his post of Director Public Prosecution.

However, there has been no official confirmation that the IPS officer was caught red-handed by his wife at a woman’s house after which he assaulted her.

His son Parth who is a deputy commissioner in the IT department sent the video to the state Home Minister and pleaded that the complaint should be registered against his father.

Sharma has been married for 32 years has asked that if he has done anything wrong then why his wife is living with him.

“My son should say why was she taking money (from me) since 12-15 years and going on foreign trips. After enjoying so much comfort in life, she has an obligation towards her family, to save its reputation,” Sharma said. “This is a family matter, not a crime…I am not a criminal,” Sharma told reporters.

The IPS officer said that he was dealing with the situation as his wife stalks him. He added that there is no place for any fights in the family.

Asked what action will be taken against Sharma, Mishra said, “If a written complaint comes to me, it will be looked into. I have also seen it (the video).”

Shobha Oza the State women’s commission chairperson said that the incident is highly objectionable and shameful.


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