Italy Daily Death Toll Rises While New Coronavirus Cases Decline

Italy Daily Death Toll Rises While New Coronavirus Cases Decline

On Friday, in Italy, deaths due to COVID-19 a disease caused by the coronavirus increased to 575, from 525 the previous day. On the other hand number of new cases has slightly decreased from 3,786 to previous numbers-3,493.

Over the last twelve days, death and the number of new cases have increased tremendously. This number of new cases was lowest in Italy since April 7.

Italy has been in lockdown for almost six weeks due to the outbreak of a pandemic. When the present number of new cases and the death toll is compared from March then there is a downfall but this decrease in the number of new cases is not up to the expectation since the number of lockdown days was much.

The global outbreak reached Italy on February 21, and from that day till today, Italy has seen death accounting to 22,745, due to the disease- COVID-19. This death rate in Italy has surpassed the number of deaths in China, which was the emerging nation of the coronavirus.

The US remains at the top of the list of “death toll” due to the pandemic.
The total number of cases confirmed officially in Italy accounts for 172,434. This is the third-highest number of cases, first is the US and then Spain.

Italy Daily Death Toll Rises While New Coronavirus Cases Decline

A 14th consecutive decline in the number of new cases was seen in Italy, as on Friday only 2,812 people were seen in the intensive care as compared to people on Thursday which accounted for 2,936.
The number of people recovered was also increased. Earlier 40,164 people were recovered as compared to the current recovery number which is 42,727, of the total infected people.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, has announced an extension of Italy’s nationwide lockdown to May 3.

However, some ease was made by the Prime Minister during lockdown days.
The Veneto region is easing some measures as of Tuesday, including reopening outdoor markets and allowing jogging more than 200 meters away from home, Governor Luca Zaia said on Facebook.

Former Italian Finance Minister Pier Carlo Padoan said in an interview for SkyTG24 that health safety must be guaranteed but efforts to be made for re-opening of the lockdown.
Before the summer break schools are not to be opened.

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