Jamia Coordination Committee Member Arrested In Connection With North East Delhi Riot

The media coordinator of Jamia Coordination Committee, Safoora Zargar, has been arrested by the police. She has been accused of holding anti-CAA protest march in Delhi’s north-east district, as reported by Alok Kumar, Joint Commissioner of Police.
Jaffrabad Area, the said place of holding anti-CAA protest, consisted of women who had begun this protest last year.

A member of JCC has confirmed this arrest notification and said, “Safoora has been arrested in FIR no. 150/2020 by the police accusing her of having a role in orchestrating the North East Delhi violence.”

After this protest was held violence broke out between anti-CAA people and people who were pro-CAA. 53 people int his protest were killed including, Ankit Sharma, IB official, and Rattan Lal, who was ahead Constable.

As per the police, Zargar can be seen in the video footage of the area that broke with violence.

On April 2, Delhi police have arrested another Jamia Millia Student, Meeran Haider, Ph.D. student, accused of inciting communal riots.
Delhi court has ordered three days of custody of Meeran Haider.
Manoj Jha, Leader of RJD, and Rajya Sabha MP tweeted that an investigation has been called upon Meeran Haider, further receiving orders to arrest him.

Haider was helping people in this outbreak of COVID, a disease by a coronavirus.

JCC Member Arrested

JNU’s Chhatra RJD has asked police to release Haider, and further requested police to be people-friendly and not to scare them.
JCC has condemned this act and has asked for an immediate release of Meeran Haider.

Muslim organizations and Civil society members have written the stoppage of arrests made by the Delhi police, harassments made upon the Delhi students and social activists during this lockdown, to the Union Home Minister.

The letter written, complains about all the arrests made by Delhi police amidst this lockdown.

The letter further said that the Delhi police have been targeting people who were peacefully protesting as anti-CAA protestors.
In between this l; lockdown, these arrests were made, and activists are being said to get to police stations for further questionings.

These arrests are in every sense harassing due to the partial working of court, and limited communication, because of the lockdown, the letter said.


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