Jio Glass- MR Technology That Reliance Is Betting On

Jio Glass- MR Technology That Reliance Is Betting On

Reliance Jio in its 43rd annual general meeting launched Jio Glass. It launched the Jio Glass to extend its presence in VR space and capitalise on remote working culture.

Earlier, many big companies jumped into VR and MR technologies. Google launched Daydream View VR headset which attracted users initially but did not do well in the long run. Same happened with Facebook’s Oculus Go.

Both Google and Facebook had to discontinue the VR headsets despite Facebook’s Oculus Go was a more advanced headset that did not even require a PC or a smartphone.

No matter how disinterested tech giants are towards VR and MR products, Jio will surely benefit as it is the correct time. The current pandemic has to dealt with an imposed lockdown thus promoting work from home, online classes and services which do not require a physical presence. So, experts believe that the launching of Jio Glass at the time of pandemic can work in Jio’s favour.

“The timing is very perfect for products like Glass now considering the circumstance we are in. We need a lot of immersive technologies. If Jio can bring it an affordable price it is going to help education, healthcare and businesses,” Faisal Kawoosa, chief analyst and founder, techARC.

The Jio Glass had an in-built audio system which works with any smartphone. The feature that it can work with any smartphone provides it with an edge when compared to Google’s and Facebook’s VR headsets.

However, experts worry that Jio Glass will be tied to a smartphone. Since every student does not have a smartphone, the usage of it will be limited.

Jio has been quite successful at building the ecosystem and large partners. If they forge tie-ups with industry and push for adoption it may go places where Google and Facebook couldn’t.

Jio Glass will be more adapted if all hospitals, enterprises, education sector, and manufacturers are tied-up. Its mainstream design is very different from that of Google Daydream VR and Oculus Go. Jio Glass looks more of like normal glass. Google Daydream VR and Oculus Go were like futuristic headsets from a science fiction movie.


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