Joe Biden Disappointed Over CAA And NRC In Assam

Joe Biden Disappointed Over CAA And NRC In Assam

Joe Biden, ex-US vice president and Democratic presidential nominee expressed disappointment over the CAA and NRC in Assam. He asked the Indian government to take the required steps for restoring the rights of Kashmiris.

Joe Biden’s agenda for the Muslim American community published that measures like CAA and NRC does not go along with the secularism, as per a policy paper.

Moreover, a group of Hindu Americans expressed resentment towards the post by the Biden Campaign. Hindu Americans urged the Biden campaign for reconsidering their expressed views.

The policy paper wrote about India’s Kashmir and Assam together with China’s Uyghur Muslims. It also wrote about discriminations faced by Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim minority.

Last year, on August 5, India took away the Kashmir’s special status under Article 370. J&K further divided into 2 union territories- Ladakh, and J&K.
However, India had told that removing the Article 370 is their internal matter.

Later last year, the Indian government passed CAA and NRC which leads to the putting of Indian minorities in a difficult situation.

Joe Biden understands the issues impacting India, issues of cross border terrorism, the influx of terrorism across borders in Kashmir, issue of Hindu minorities sufferings in Kashmir, issues in the Indo Pacific region with China, and the rising role of India as stronger US ally in all areas including economic growth, counter-terrorism, fight for human rights, climate change and global security.

There are groups within various elected officials groups in the US pushing language and agenda’s highlighting misinformation and damaging facts on how India handled its own internal matter on Kashmir, Ladakh or immigration reforms related to NRC, said Bhutoria, who is also on the National Finance Committee for Biden.
He said that the US recently updated its immigration policy to block the H-1B and other visas for the rest of the year to safeguard its own workers, which is completely questionable and will hurt the economy.

Bhutoria further added that India has the right to frame immigration policies to protect its population and economy. However, he added that India needs to do better in change management and rolling out of reforms.

Rishi Bhutada, board member, Hindu American Political Action Committee, said the Biden campaign is missing the much-needed context about Pakistan-sponsored cross border terrorism in regards to Kashmir”.

It is also missing how the CAA is a good-faith effort to remedy the status of approximately 30,000 persecuted religious minorities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan who sought refuge in India, have no other path to citizenship, and no chance of returning to their home countries safely, Bhutada said.


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