Karnataka BJP MLA Celebrates Birthday With Supporters Amid Lockdown

Karnataka BJP MLA Celebrates Birthday With Supporters Amid Lockdown

Despite the nationwide lockdown avid COVID-19, BJP MLA M Jayaram, from Turuvekere constituency (Karnataka) celebrated his birthday with villagers in Gubbi taluk in Tumkur. A sizable number of people were seen collecting in Gubbi taluk in Tumkur to celebrate the BJP MLA M Jayaram’s birthday.

Meanwhile, a lot of people all over the nation are getting booked for violating the Nation-wide lockdown. In Uttarakhand alone, more than 4500 people have been arrested for violating the norms of lockdown avid COVID-19 outbreak.

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Earlier PM Narendra Modi had called for a three-week Nation-wide lockdown, requesting people to practice social distancing to prevent the spread of coronavirus across the country.

A day after BJP MLA celebrated his birthday with hundreds of villagers, the Karnataka Police registered an FIR against three of his supporters & other unknown persons under IPC Section 188.

Birthday Celebration of Karnataka BJP MLA

The FIR says the BJP MLA M Jayaram was in the village only to spread awareness on the COVID-19 Pandemic, flying in the face of several pictures & videos from the celebration that shows BJP MLA M Jayaram eating cake fed by a follower while standing in a crowd.

BJP MLA M Jayaram, who represents Turuvekere constituency, Karnataka celebrated his birthday generously in a government school in Tumkuru district’s Idaguru village. Several villagers came to the government school to wish the Jayaram and were later served biryani.

Karnataka BJP MLA Celebrates Birthday With Supporters Amid Lockdown

Videos of the Birthday party went viral on social media showed the BJP MLA M Jayaram, giving a speech to his supporters. Pictures of the event showed several people preparing biryani. While many villagers are seen wearing masks, but no one hewed to social distancing norms.

But the FIR lodged at CS Pura police station says BJP MLA M Jayaram was not in the village when his birthday was being celebrated by his well-wishers.


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