Kenyan Woman With No Food, Boils Stones To Make Kids Believe She’s Preparing Meal

Kenyan Woman With No Food, Boils Stones To Make Kids Believe She's Preparing Meal

Kenyan woman hoped that her children would fall asleep while they waited for their meal. Peninah Bahati Kitsao, who lives in Mombasa, earns money by washing laundries locally. The lockdown has been imposed almost globally due to the breakthrough of the pandemic.

Amidst the lockdown people who work as daily wage earners have been impacted the most.
Prisca Momanyi, her neighbor was shocked to see the sight and hence reported the media to her plight.

Kenya’s NTV interviewed the woman, and from then aid has been provided to her through different means. The widow got money via a mobile phone and through a bank account. This bank account was opened for her by Ms. Momanyi, as the mother of eight does not know how to read and write.

Ms. Kitsao described hospitality as a “miracle.” She lives in a two-bedroomed house without running water or electricity.
She told the Tuko news website that she didn’t believe that Kenyans can be so loving after she had received phone calls from all over the country asking how they might be of help.
She had told NTV that her delaying stone-cooking tactics could not fool her children for long.

She further said that her children started telling her that they knew that she was lying to them, but she could do nothing because she had nothing.
NTV reported that Ms. Kitsao’s neighbor heard children crying so she came to her house to check if everything is ok.

Kenyan Woman With No Food, Boils Stones To Make Kids Believe She's Preparing Meal

The government has launched a feeding program to protect the most vulnerable ones from the coronavirus crisis.
Ms. Kitsao was untouched by the program as she was widowed last year as her husband got killed by a gang.

The county authorities and the Kenya Red Cross have been thanked by her neighbor, as they have also come to help Ms. Kitsao.

Authorities say that now the issue is highlighted in that neighborhood, many more households in that neighborhood of the coastal city are now going to benefit from the relief food scheme too.
The East African nation has so far recorded 395 cases of Covid-19 and has seen 17 deaths so far.


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