LG Polymers CEO Along With 11 Others Arrested: Vizag Gas Leak

LG Polymers CEO Along With 11 Others Arrested: Vizag Gas Leak

On Tuesday, the Andhra Pradesh police arrested the CEO of LG Polymers. He got arrested in connection with Vizag’s gas leak in May, reported PTI. Police also arrested 11 other officials besides Sunkey Jong, the CEO of LG Polymers. In Andhra Pradesh’s Vishakhapatnam district from a chemical factory, poisonous gas leaked.

Many people collapsed on the roads after they could not bear the pungent smell of the gas. At least 11 people killed and over 200 hospitalised after the gas leak on May 7. The gas caused suffocation to the people spreading to 20 nearby villages.

The Pollution Control Board has also suspended three of its officials for gross negligence.

The arrest announcement came after the Andhra Pradesh government formed a high-power committee. The committee said that the incident happened due to lapses and negligence in warning systems.

Police Arrested LG Polymers’ Directors And Manager

Moreover, the committee ordered the arrest of the company’s directors and managers. The committee recommended shutting the plant down or shifting it out, or converting it into a non-polluting unit.

“Investigation disclosed that the incident at M6 styrene storage tank took place due to the negligence of these persons, who also have knowledge that their acts were likely to cause death,” Visakhapatnam Commissioner of Police RK Meena said.

However, the case’s investigation still going on as reports from various departments yet gather and they have to examine the witness, he added.

The arrests made exactly two months after the police registered a case against LG Polymers on May 7 for the gas leak. The Gopalapatnam police had registered the case against the authorities under sections 284, 337, 338, 285, and section 278.

After the report submitted on Monday, CM Jaganmohan Reddy had directed authorities of various departments to initiate legal action against those responsible for the gas leak. He also ordered that the entire report placed in the public domain for people to access.


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