Lockdown 3.0, Which Facilities Are Allowed Till May 17?

Lockdown 3.0, Which Facilities Are Allowed Till May 17?

The Home Ministry on Friday declared an extension of 2 weeks to the nation-wide lockdown which was first declared by PM Narendra Modi on March 24.

The Lockdown 3.0,  will not be as prohibitive as its previous versions. As per the Ministry of Home Affairs statement, the strictness of the continued nation-wide lockdown will depend on the level of coronavirus pandemic in the particular districts.

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The districts with either 0 confirmed positive coronavirus cases to date; or, no confirmed case in the last 21 days will be listed under the Green Zones.

The Red Zones are listed on the basis of the total number of active coronavirus cases, doubling the rate of confirmed COVID-19 cases, and surveillance feedback from the respective districts.

Those districts, which are neither listed under the Red zone nor Green zone, are classified as Orange zones.

Lockdown 3.0, Which Facilities Are Allowed Till May 17?

The Home Ministry had earlier announced a list of zone-wise listing of the districts all over the country. This list will be revised every week.

The local administration shall ensure 100% coverage of the Aarogya Setu app among the residents of Zones with the highest number of coronavirus cases besides other restrictions.

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Private offices can run with up to 33% of staff as per need, with the remaining individual working from home.

Taxis are allowed with 1 driver and 2 passengers only. 4 wheeler vehicles will have a max of 2 passengers besides the driver, for two-wheelers, a pillion rider is not permitted.

All single shops, colony shops, and shops in residential complexes are allowed to remain open in urban areas, without any contrast of essential and non-essential goods.

Construction activities in urban areas are also permitted with certain conditions.


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