Lockdown Restrictions Eases, People Gather Outside Liquor Shops

People in huge numbers started gathering up outside liquor shops all across the country from early morning on Monday, even before the shops opened for sales. The gathering of people was seen as early as 7.30 am on Monday in some parts of the Delhi NCR where around 150 liquor shops were reopened as the nation-wide lockdown entered the third phase amid coronavirus outbreak.

The scenes of gathering up of people outside liquor shops were similar across several states, including Karnataka and Maharashtra.

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People were seen standing in a queue outside the liquor shops from early morning even before the liquor shops could open for sales on Monday. Liquor shops were shut down across the country with the nation-wide lockdown that was declared on March 24.

In Kashmere Gate, Delhi police had to lodge to lathi-charge outside a liquor shop where people denied following social distancing norms issued by the Ministry of Home affairs and were seen standing very close to each other in the long queues to buy liquor.

With the Ministry of Home Affairs ordering relaxations, liquor shops have been opened up all over the country but with some strict instructions of social distancing. However, photos and videos from Delhi, Karnataka, and other parts of the country show little of social distancing norms are being pursued by people.

However, in Delhi, the Delhi police were had to shut down one such liquor shop in the Jheel Chowk area due to overcrowding around liquor shops. Crowds accumulated in huge numbers and denied to abide by the social distancing norms laid down by MHA.

Aam Admi Party MLA Somnath Bharti shared a video on social media and said the crowds at a Malviya Nagar liquor shop has accelerated panic among the locals.

ANI reported that the queue outside a liquor shop in Delhi’s Desh Bandhu Gupta Road was over 1 km long.

As per the PTI report, in Karnataka, people crowded outside the liquor shops were seen in a celebratory mood since early morning.


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