Longterm Life Lessons To Learn From Corona Virus Pandemic

Life Lessons To Learn From Corona Virus Pandemic

Corona Virus has affected 183+ Countries with 6,83,502+ (Source) and rising positive cases globally. Humans learn from their own mistakes or sometimes from the History itself. Here we have defined the life lessons through which Govt as well as Public can gain from this Pandemic Corona Virus.

Lessons for Government

Coronavirus has started from the China. Now it has taken most countries under it’s ambit. Italy and France are among the biggest sufferer. Irony is that these are the countries with most sound healthcare facilities. Italy stands at number 2 worldwide in healthcare. Still people of Italy are suffering a lot with almost 10000 deaths. If it has become difficult for countries like Italy to combat it then what about countries like India which holds rank above 100 in healthcare.

Covid-19 has given many countries to introspect their healthcare infrastructure. Usually all countries do not prepare themselves for biological war. So does the case with India. India has a good medical infrastructure but not up to level to combat any pandemic like coronavirus. In a country of above 130 crore people the situation became worse. With such a population density it becomes most vulnerable of all countries.

Government of India had promptly taken bigger steps when the tally of Coronavirus cases reached above 500. At this time government realised it’s seriousness putting 21 days absolute lockdown. Lockdown of any country have serious consequences. They face economic and developmental losses.
It is better if Government try to avoid this extreme situation which needs lots of preparedness already done.

In order to strengthen the system government first needs to realise the importance of healthcare workers by first increasing their wages including paramedics,nurses and doctors. They are the one working 24*7. Apart from them salaries of police personnel should also be increased. They are playing instrumental role in proper promulgation of lockdown. Government must also try to strengthen the awareness mechanism. People should be aware of every possible situation. Internet is playing a greater role in this time. Information delivery system should be strengthened.

Lessons for Public

With the spread of Coronavirus, one thing people realised is importance of sanitation and hygiene. It is giving them the opportunity to inculcate in them a behavioral change. People have started washing off their hands properly using sanitizers.

The other thing which they needs to learn is following government orders properly to avoid any last time chaos. They should also try to stay at home during similar times. Everyone should know how to cook.

These types of situation that put all humanity on risk needs to be battled with a collective approach by government as well as people.

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