Man Cut Off His Wife’s Head And Carried It Along To Police Station

Man Cut Off His Wife's Head And Carried It Along To Police Station

On Thursday morning, a man cut off his wife’s head and carried it along with the axe used to cut the head. He walked for around 2 kilometres to Baberu police station leaving the passers in disbelief and shock.

Kinnar Yadav attacked his wife with an axe and the man cut off her head, said the police. He did so as he got enraged upon seeing his wife speaking to his neighbour on his return to the home.

Mahendra P Chauhan, the additional superintendent of police, Banda said that the neighbour Ravi Kant was also injured in the attack. He is currently being treated at the district hospital. Chauhan said that Yadav was later sent to jail with charges of murder.

Yadav told the police that his 35-year-old wife, Vimla, used to regularly speak with his neighbour who is an electrician. Yadav added that Ravi Kant also used to visit his house in the absence of him. Yadav said he was opposed to her friendship with Kant.

In the morning of Thursday Yadav’s sons, Bhagat and Prahlad left for coaching centres and Yadav himself went for his morning stroll. Upon Yadav’s return, Yadav saw that Kant was in his house which infuriated Yadav, said the police.

Yadav picked up the axe lying nearby and attacked Vimla and then severed her head with. He also attacked Ravi Kant and injured him badly.

Yadav then picked up his wife’s head and walked to the police station through the main road even as commuters watched with shock and disbelief.

At the police station, the policemen stayed away from him as he stood there for more than 15 minutes.

Senior police officers later reached the police station and spoke to Yadav who told them that he had murdered his wife and had come to surrender to the police.

Recently, Hathras gang-rape case of Dalit woman spark outrage in the country.


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