MBBS Interns Of UP To Go On Strike, Raises Issue Of Low Stipend

MBBS Interns Of UP To Go On Strike, Raises Issue Of Low Stipend

Over the past few months, MBBS interns of Uttar Pradesh have been protesting for low monthly stipends of Rs 7,500. They have been highlighting their protest continuously on social media. They made an appeal regarding low stipends to the government, however, the UP government have ignored their demands.

The Quint reported issues of several students. Meerut’s LLRM MedicalCollege started the protest in the first place. One intern of the same college said, “We are on emergency duty for 8-12 hours daily and get a remuneration of Rs 250 a day. This is both insulting and inadequate,” reported TheQuint.

Further, TheQuint wrote that interns have been submitting their letters yet no response has been provided by the Government.
One of the anonymous interns questioned the reason for calling them ‘corona warriors’ when they are not provided with their rights, wrote TheQuint.

In Karnataka same protest was held by the doctors to increase their stipend. Moreover, the Karnataka government heard their plea and increased their stipend. However, MBBS inters of UP are being ignored despite their protest.

Around 2,500 MBBS intern practice in more than 40 colleges of Uttar Pradesh. In the whole nation interns of Uttar Pradesh are paid the lowest. Other states have double or triple the UP’s stipend.

According to an intern at Jhansi’s Rani Lakshmibai College, “our curriculums are the same and we do nearly the same work but centrally funded medical colleges pay a monthly stipend of Rs 23,000. West Bengal pays Rs 16,500, Punjab pays Rs 15,000 and most other states have a stipend higher than Uttar Pradesh.”
After 4.5 years of MBBS, students have to complete a year-long internship. While they are on their internship they are put on duty across different departments. They are assistants of senior doctors. Amid the pandemic, they are also given the responsibility of holding screenings.

According to Neeraj Kumar Mishra, state president, United Resident and Doctors Association, the risk factor of the job profile is highest among interns. Mishra says they are on the frontline and despite the risk are paid only Rs 250 a day i.e Rs 7,500 a month.


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