Migrant Labourers Sold Goats For A Flight Ticket, Will Finally Fly Home

Migrant Labourers Sold Goats For A Flight Ticket, Will Finally Fly Home

Three stranded migrant labourers, combined all their savings and sold goats to buy airline tickets to Kolkata. But, they were later told that their flight got cancelled. In despair stranded migrant labourers have nowhere to go. However, IndiGo agreed to help the three to fly from Mumbai to their state.

“We are reaching out to these passengers right away. Rest assured, we shall be accommodating them on the next available flight or providing them with a full refund,” the airline said, reacting to a TOI report.

Since the imposed lockdown, migrant workers from West Bengal, haven’t earned any income. They somehow managed to raise Rs. 30,600 only to be told that their flight got cancelled. They were also told about no refund for their tickets.

Migrant Workers Collected Money For Airline Tickets, Flight Got Cancelled

The flight was cancelled as West Bengal imposed restrictions on airline services, civil aviation minister Hardeep Singh Puri said in a Twitter post. IndiGo booked tickets for the workers for June 1 at no extra charge.

The lockdown has left millions of migrant workers stranded around the country. With no access to means of transportation, some are forced to walk miles for their home. Earlier this month, a freight train ran over more than a dozen workers heading back home on foot when they stopped to rest along the railroad assuming there were no services.

The flight cancelled as a result of poor coordination between states and the Centre, which allowed airlines to sell local flight tickets, only to see some states blocking them just before air transport was supposed to resume. Airlines globally are offering passengers, credit, instead of cash, in case their flight got cancelled.

The migrant workers, who work at a construction site in Mumbai, tried to book a train ticket but failed. Sona Mullah, one of the labourers, earns Rs 15,000 a month and sends home Rs 10,000. To add to the family income, his wife back home in Murshidabad keeps goats. He further said that the last week they sold all the three goats for Rs 9,600 so that he could pay Rs 10,200 for his air ticket.


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