Migrant Workers Gathered In Surat Amid Lockdown

Migrant Workers Gathered In Surat Amid Lockdown

After the migrant workers gathered at Bandra in Mumbai, a gathering was followed at Surat amidst the lockdown due to coronavirus outbreak. In this gathering at Varachha, an area in Surat, migrant workers demanded to let them go to their homes, as they are left stranded due to this lockdown.

RB Brahmbhatt, Surat Commissioner of Police, said that senior officials reached the spot and persuaded the people gathered to return to their homes before the condition could get worse.

Surat has been home for 12 lakh migrants and they are unrest these days due to lockdown, However, many NGO’s and municipal corporation have come in front to provide shelter and food to these migrants.

Surat Municipal Corporation Commissioner Banchhanidhi Pani said that around six lakh three thousand people are been fed by Municipal corporations and NGOs per day. Further adding he said that community kitchens have been set up across community halls and in places where shelters have been arranged for migrant workers, distribution of food packets are also been done.

Pani added that to address the issues of migrant workers doctors and psychologists, as well as community leaders, have been arranged.

Migrant Workers Gathered In Surat Amid Lockdown

Last week, in Surat, migrant workers (textile) majorly from Ganjam district in Orissa created problems and set handcarts on fire recently breaking lockdown in the Laskana area of the district as well. Police had arrested about 80 people who were fed later in the police station and were persuaded to return to their community.

Kishor Kanani, Local MLA and minister of state for health went to the spot to convince the migrant workers, who are mostly from Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar.

Surat MLA Harsh Sanghavi took to Twitter to state that the administration was ‘working round the clock’ to clear out the situation.

He tweeted that all efforts are been made to help these migrant workers. Further, he wrote that every person who is stranded in Surat is like a brother and sister, and the administration is working round the clock to ensure the best of everything for them.

Sources from Surat police said that the containment of migrant workers till the end of lockdown will be a tough task as police are facing a hard time controlling them.

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