MPL Player Salman Khan Can’t Move Out Of His Tent Due To Coronavirus

MPL Player Salman Khan Can't Move Out Of His Tent Due To Coronavirus

Salman Khan, a U-23 Mumbai off-spinner has a tent as his home at Cross Maidan. Salman is the son of a groundsman. Salman’s father earns money in summers by preparing grounds for camps and club matches. But due to the pandemic, the whole family of Salman Khan is staring at heading into the monsoon without any savings.

Salman would have played for Akash Tigers for which he was looking forward to the MPL. In playing for Akash Tigers, Salman would have earned Rs 1 lakh – an amount he could’ve used to move into a rented house with a roof on his head. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the cricketer’s plan is shattered.

Salman had also turned up for railway trials, but he is not hoping much from it. He is waiting for free rations from people helping the needy.

Salman, the young spinner said that if MPL would have happened he would have shifted his family from this tent to a rented place somewhere in Mumbai. He further said in Hindi that this disease has destroyed everything.

Cricket is one of the sectors severely affected by the pandemic. Normal cricketers earn much money to have a comfortable livelihood, but the pandemic has struck it off.

Himanshu Shah who is the SCA secretary says that holding their league during this crisis is very difficult. His bigger worry is that if domestic cricket does not happen.
layers earn between Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 500,000 for playing Local T20 leagues while marquee players make between Rs 6-7 lakh.

During the SPL, an amount of Rs 25,000 per game is paid by Saurashtra to its Ranji players while players who are under-23 made Rs 15,000 and others Rs 10,000 for every game.

Cricketers are also hurt by the announcement of the suspension of the season in which cricketers usually play minor county cricket in England for three months.

A club player from Dharavi, Sandeep Konchikor, was looking forward to the MPL. He said that he would have easily earned 8 lacs to 9 lacs by playing club cricket and MPL. He further said that no cricket means a big loss of income.


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