Mumbai Hospital Employee Allegedly Denied Sick Leave; Death

Mumbai Hospital Employee Allegedly Denied Sick Leave; Death

At KEM, Mumbai hospital, a worker posted in the coronavirus ward died. Due to this medical staff and other employees initiated a huge protest outside the state-run facility. On Tuesday, Hundreds of doctors, paramedics and others protested. They were seen protesting in masks and other protective gear.

On Sunday night the worker died. For four days he had been unwell. The worker, a daily wager of the Mumbai hospital was purportedly denied leave. However, the reason for his death is unknown yet. Whether he died of COVID-19 will be known only after his test results are out. Since last night the worker’s body has been at the hospital’s morgue.

The protesting employees demanded financial and job help for the worker’s family.

But the doctors, nurses, attendants and Class 4 employees have united to draw attention to a frightening crisis of virus cases and bodies becoming difficult for hospitals to handle.

Disturbing Images Emerged From KEM-Mumbai Hospital

Disturbing images emerged from KEM-Mumbai hospital of body bags on stretchers in corridors even as the protests peaked outside.

The bodies, wrapped in blue plastic, were allegedly moved from an overflowing ground-floor mortuary to the first floor of the hospital, along a corridor right next to a testing lab.

Like many others in Mumbai, the KEM Hospital, run by civic body BMC or Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, has been stretched to the limit because of rising virus cases and inadequate staff.

According to Doctors, wrapping of bodies of COVID-19 patients varied from normal wrappings. They added that training given to class 4 employees made them efficient handlers of COVID-19 cases.

However, lack of class 4 employees poses a threat, forcing doctors and paramedics to handle wrappings of COVID-19 patients. Further, this situation angered Hospital administrations.

Recently, after back-to-back videos of body bags in wards, the civic body put out guidelines making it a must to remove bodies from wards within 30 minutes and to dispose of them within two hours.

Further, the BMC also ordered a temporary mobile morgue at crematoriums. This will help in pausing piling up of bodies not cremated yet.


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