New York City Will Distribute 5 Lacs Free Halal Meals To Muslims During Ramadan

New York City Will Distribute 5 Lacs Free Halal Meals To Muslims During Ramadan

This lockdown imposed globally to fight against COVID-19, a disease spread by the coronavirus, has made life difficult for everyone.

Recently, New York has decided to distribute 500,000 halal meals to Muslims during Ramadaan. This will serve two million residents who are unable to pay for their food, as said by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The mayor said that around 400,000 halal meals will be provided at educational health departments and around 100,000 halal meals will be served through community organizations during Ramadaan.

Jews will also be provided Kosher meals by the city. It is a part of a program that has served at least 10 million grab-and-go meals at 435 sites and via taxi to housebound New Yorkers, at a cost of at least $170 million, added the Mayor.

On Thursday, in a news briefing, de Blasio said that the noblest thing to do during Ramadaan is to feed the hungry. He further said to not to forget the needy ones as they can not go to mosques as well,

In Ramadan days, mosques are opened and they feed the needy, and since this year mosques are closed, and people who earn for their family are deprived of their work, these communities need help.

Due to this COVID-19 pandemic, city officials worry that the lockdown imposed has already led to a food crisis and which is going to be more severe in the coming days. An estimation is made by the Mayor, that the city will lose at least 475,000 jobs due to the lockdown forced by the Covid-19 pandemic.

At least 10 million meals are expected to be provided to Muslims this month by city officials and in May they are prepared to serve 15 million, as said by De Blasio. The mayor has vowed that no New Yorker will be hungry and that their city will provide, without providing the ultimate cost estimation.

Ramadan started on the evening of Thursday and will last till the evening of May 23. In this holy period Muslims self-reflect and improve themselves by fasting from sunrise till sunset.


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