No Data On Farmers Suicide After No Data On Migrant Labourers Death

Today the Rajya Sabha was told in a written reply that the govt has no data on farmers suicide since many states did not submit figures to the NCRB.

The collection and analyzation of crime data including suicides are the responsibility of the NCRB.

“As informed by NCRB many states and union territories had reported ‘Nil’ data on suicides by farmers, cultivators and agricultural labourers after several validations even while reporting suicides in other professions. Due to this limitation national data on causes of suicide in farming sector was untenable and not published separately,” Minister of State (Home Affairs) G Kishan Reddy said in a written statement to Rajya Sabha.

However, 10,281 farmers committed suicide in 2019 according to the latest NCRB data on accidental deaths and suicides. Moreover, the data showed that 10,357 farmers committed suicide in 2018.

Of all the total suicides in the country, the farmer’s suicide rate contributes to 7.4 per-cent. Out of 7.4 per-cent, 5,957 are farmers and 4,324 are agricultural labourers, according to the NCRB reports.

Last week, the centre faced immense backlash after the labour ministry said there is no data on migrants who lost their lives trying to reach home during the coronavirus lockdown. The ministry said the “question does not arise” of compensating the families of the labourers as there was no data.

The ministry was asked if the government had any data on migrant workers who returned to their states during the coronavirus lockdown. The ministry was also asked whether the government was conscious regarding the deaths of migrant workers during their return to hometown amid the lockdown. It was also asked about the compensation provided to the dead’s families during the lockdown.

Union Labour Minister, Santosh Kumar Gangwar replied in a written form that there is no such data, he added, “Question does not arise in view of the above”.

The government then clarified after criticism that there was “no mechanism” to collect such data in districts.


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