Oppo Cancels Live Online Phone Launch In India Amid Border Tension

Oppo Cancels Live Online Phone Launch In India Amid Border Tension

On Wednesday, China’s Oppo dropped the live online launch of its flagship smartphone in India. This came after the violent face-off at the border between India and China. The violent clash also triggered local Indian trader groups to ban Chinese products.

Soldiers from India and China fought each other with nail-studded clubs and stones on a disputed Himalayan mountain frontier this week, leading to the death of 20 Indian soldiers in the worst clash since 1967.

In every 10 smartphones sold in India, 8 smartphones belong to Chinese smartphone brands. Chinese smartphones brands, Oppo and Xiamoi remained at the most sold in India.
In India, Oppo has a phone-assembly plant. This plant earlier announced the live unveiling of its new model Find X2. However, later a Youtube video went live showed the unavailability for the “live unveiling” of the new model.

The Oppo company launched a pre-recorded video instead of showing the live unveiling. This 20 minutes video highlighted Oppo’s efforts to help Indian authorities to curb the coronavirus.

Oppo Launched A Pre-Recorded Video Instead Of The “Live Unveiling”

According to what Reuters’ posted, they did not receive any respond from Oppo company upon asking the cancellation of the live unveiling. However, as per media reports, the cancellation of live unveiling was done to dodge any possible outrage on social media. The outrage because of the tension going on at the border between India and China.

The Confederation of All India Traders, a group representing roughly 70 million brick-and-mortar retailers, said on Wednesday its members will boycott imported Chinese goods despite the loss their businesses will suffer.
Moreover, a twitter user posted a video showing some people throwing “Chinese TV.” The TV, as per the video, thrown from a high-storey building in Gujarat state, as reported by media. People after throwing TV were also dancing on it before destroying it. However, it is not yet known, the time when this video was created. Hindu nationalist group Swadeshi Jagran Manch, which advocates for self-reliance, urged Indian authorities to ban Chinese companies from participating in government tenders.

In New Delhi, near Chinese assemble some protestors arrested for raising slogans such as “Made in China down down.”


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