Over 80% Of Cases Asymptomatic In India : Top Scientists

Over 80% Of Cases Asymptomatic In India : Top Scientists

As the COVID-19 cases increases in India, top scientists have discovered an alarming fact. They say that only people with weak immunities are showing symptoms of this disease and 80 per-cent of Indian’s are unaware if they are having it.

NDTV citing Dr. Gangakhedkar, a senior ICMR scientist, reported that in India 89 per-cent of the novel COVID-19 cases are asymptomatic. Gangakhedkar further said that to detect infected ones among this 80 per-cent is a worrying situation and there is no other way than contact tracing.

When an infected person does not show any symptom then that is an asymptomatic case.

As per the Prof Nirmal Kumar Ganguly, former director of ICMR, the virus responsible for COVID-19 disease is capable of multiplying itself and spreads very fastlt=y after entering the cell. This virus can remain active in the air for three to four hours.

Ganguly said that people with weak immune systems are showing symptoms like cough, cold, fever, acute pneumonia resulting in respiratory diseases after coming in contact with the virus within 5 to 14 days. When there is a severe case of COBID-19 then it results in septicemia, a shock resulting in death.

Over 80% Of Cases Asymptomatic In India : Top Scientists

The observation comes a day after the Health Ministry said that the rate of positive testing in the asymptomatic is not very high.

Lav Agarwal, spokesperson of Ministry and Healthwelfare system said that not a big percentage is coming off the asymptomatic people as per the historical data shown globally. he added that everyone must be aware that asymptomatic people can also be positive and can spread this virus. The government must consider them in sampling numbers and test them and place them in quarantine if needed.

As per the media reports 75 per-cent in Punjab, 50 per-cent in Karnatka, 70 per-cent in Maharashtra and 75 per-cent in Uttar Pradesh were asymptomatic cases.

Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi also confirmed that 186 coronavirus cases reported were asymptomatic.

In the starting stage, the Indian government used to test only those people who traveled to foreign countries or people who have come in contact with them. However, as asymptomatic cases are appearing in India, the government will increase the number of testing done.

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