Panipat Man Says Hand Chopped Off For ‘786’ Tattoo

Panipat Man Says Hand Chopped Off For '786' Tattoo

Recently, an incident occurred in which a Muslim man of 28 years age was assaulted. As per reports, few Hindu men in Haryana’s Panipat chopped off the Muslim man’s hand. The incident happened on August 24, but the news came into limelight when the man’s family lodged an FIR on 7th September.

The victim goes by name Ikhlaq is a barber by profession. he left his home in Nanauta to find some work in Panipat. He sat down for some rest after reaching the town, where some youths, after knowing Ikhlaq’s identity, beat him up and left him on the road, injured.

Upon gaining senses, Ikhlaq reached the nearest door for help, but, the man dragged Akhlaq inside the house and started beating him up with sticks.

“They dragged him inside the house and beat him badly. Including two women, there were six people involved. He was beaten with sticks and they hit his head with a stone. He was bleeding and begged them to let him go but no one was ready to listen,” alleges Ikhlaq’s brother Ikram.

“They saw ‘786’ (a representation of ‘Bismillah’) tattooed on his right hand and one of them said ‘let’s separate this tattoo from his body’ and then they chopped off the hand with a saw. They dumped Ikhlaq at the railway tracks in Kishan Pura, thinking he was dead. The next morning, when he regained consciousness, he sought help from a passerby and informed his family.”

Later Ikhlaq realised that they were the same persons who had beaten him earlier. After seeing the tattoo of 786 on Ikhlaq’s hand, they said that they would not let 786 be written on his hands. Thus, cutting his right hand off with a chainsaw.

Later, he was taken by those men to the railway station and was dumped on the tracks, to show that the incident was an accident. However, Ikhlaq got help from a man who was crossing by. The man informed Ikhlaq’s family about the mishap.

However, the police had denied the allegations and said that the incident is being given a communal angle.

As per Indian Express reports, on Thursday a top police officer in Panipat said that the as per investigation, Ikhlaq had sodomised a child and that he might have injured himself upon trying to escape.


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