Paramilitary Canteens To De-list Imported Products

Paramilitary Canteens To De-list Imported Products

From today many imported products will be unavailable at paramilitary canteens across the country. This action came for selling only “Made in India” products in these canteens. The de-listing of the imported products comes after the government last month announced that paramilitary canteens will only sell indigenous or Indian products from June 1 in a bid to give a fillip to domestic industries.

Among the products and brands that are de-listed from the paramilitary canteens are Nutella, Kinder Joy, Tic Tac, Horlicks Oats, Eureka Forbes, Tommy Hilfiger shirts and Adidas body sprays. Also, certain brands of microwave ovens and several other home appliances won’t be available.

The Parent Body Categorized The Products At Paramilitary Canteens

Seven firms importing products including Skechers, Ferrero, Red Bull, Victorinox, Safilo (Polaroid, Carrera) have also been de-listed.
The parent body that runs these canteens, the Kendriya Police Kalyan Bhandars, has divided all products into 3 categories.
Category 1 consists of products purely made in India. Category 2 includes products with imported raw materials but are manufactured or assembled in India. The third category consists of “purely imported products”.

The parent body has also stopped several products of companies, which have not provided the information sought by them.
The move to sell only “Made in India” products will be sold in paramilitary canteens comes after Prime Minister last month stressed on the mantras of “Aatm Nirbhar Bharat” or self-reliance and “vocal for local” while announcing a mega economic package to tackle the economic impact of coronavirus.

60 to 70 % of people who shopped at paramilitary canteens mostly bought only essential and basic items. A senior officer said that the canteens were majorly catering to the lower and upper level of the constabulary. He further said that the de-listing of items from canteens would impact the rest 30-40 %.

The officer said that most of the times, the high-end brands were placed on order on a demand basis. He added that since now, these brands are unavailable, they have to wait to see which brand government includes now.

Annual sales of paramilitary canteens record around Rs 2,800 crore.


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