Peak In India’s Number Of COVID Cases, Still Very Far: ICMR

Peak In India's Number Of COVID Cases, Still Very Far: ICMR

On Tuesday, ICMR scientist Dr Nivedita Gupta said that India is still away from the peak in coronavirus. India’s COVID-19 cases are about to reach 2 lakh soon.

A peak, in infectious disease, explains the point at which the daily cases start to decrease. Past few days, India is having 8,000 cases daily.

“We are very far away from the peak. Our preventive measures have been very effective. We are in a much better position vis-a-vis other countries and you will see the data soon,” Dr Gupta of ICMR said.

Several top government officials have also said the same, which includes- NITI Aayog and AIIMS. According to them the worst months for the country’s coronavirus cases will be June and July.

As per the experts when infectious disease hits the peak, it means that the worst is over, but, the outbreak is still there. This happens no matter there is a single peak, multiple ones, or waves.

 There Could Be Another Wave Or Peak Later

It is assumed that later another wave or peak could be seen. However, COVID-19 which is a new pandemic, it is tough to figure out the exact time for the peak.

As per the analysis by Health minister, total deaths in the country due to COVID-19 till now consist 50% deaths belonging to aged people (over 60 years of age), and 73% had co-morbidities.

Health Ministry Joint Secretary Lav Agarwal confirmed that states have been asked to requisition all possible places which can be converted into facilities where patients can be housed.
“COVID is known to affect oxygen saturation levels. However, our experience has been that very few patients need ventilator or ICU support, so states have been asked to concentrate on more oxygen beds,” he said.

There were 942 dedicated COVID hospitals until May 30. These hospitals have 1,58,908 isolation beds, 20,608 ICU beds and 69,384 oxygen-supported beds. Along with 2,380 dedicated COVID health centres, which includes 1,33,678 isolation beds, 10,916 ICU beds and 45,750 oxygen-supported beds. There are 7,304 COVID care centres with 6,64,330 beds; and 10,541 quarantine centres.
Till now in case of emergencies, Remdesivir has been approved for the usage as per the established procedures.


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