Plasma Therapy: A Possible Treatment For Coronavirus?

Plasma Therapy: A Possible Treatment For Coronavirus?

The COVID-19 disease, which is spread by the coronavirus, has affected people globally and turned into a pandemic disease.
Over 2 million people are infected with this virus and till now there is no cure.

From all the world scientists, doctors are doing researches to develop a vaccine, and to discover treatments, to eliminate this virus.

One successful treatment recently was done by plasma therapy. In the Max Hospital, in Saket New Delhi a 49-year-old male, who tested positive for the COVID-19, was given plasma therapy as a treatment. The doctor said that patient has shown improvement and he is off the ventilator.

Clinical trials of plasma therapy in various states have been allowed by ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research). States like Gujarat, Punjab, and Kerala have already started treating COVID-19 patients by this therapy.

Plasma therapy is an experimental procedure in which plasma of patients who recovered from the COVID-19 disease is transferred to the COVID-19 patients who are in critical condition.

Plasma Therapy: How It Works?

The logic behind this therapy is that immunity can be transferred from a healthy person to a sick patient using convalescent plasma. Antibodies are used in this therapy from the blood of a COVID-19 patient who has recovered to treat another patient who is in critical condition. Antibodies are developed in the sick patient’s blood through the recovered COVID-19 patient’s blood. Once the blood of the first patient is infused to the second patient, those antibodies will start fighting against coronavirus in the second person.

Plasma Therapy: A Possible Treatment For Coronavirus?

The donation of plasma is a process very similar to the donation of blood according to Houston Methodist. A small device is used to hook plasma donors, that removes plasma while returning red blood cells to their bodies simultaneously. Donors have to wait for RBCs in regular blood donation to replenish between donations, but plasma can be donated more frequently, as often as twice a week.
Two people get help when a person donates a plasma.

Plasma Therapy To Treat COVID-19 Cases:

China, where coronavirus outbreak first emerged, had used this treatment to treat critical COVID-19 patients. Two trials of plasma therapy were conducted on 15 coronavirus patients and they showed improvement. Outside of clinical trials, ICMR does not recommend this treatment.

Several countries around the world including the United Kingdom and the United States have also started plasma therapy trials.

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