Plea Claiming Muslims Being Demonized

Plea Claiming Muslims Being Demonized

There was a sudden surge in the positive cases of COVID-19 infected people after Tablighi Jamaat conducted the event at Markaz in the Nizammudin area, consisting of people breaking the social distancing. 


Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind had written a plea to the Supreme Court asking center to stop spreading “fake news”, and to handle strictly against some medias responsible for the spreading of communal hatred and bigotry.

The demonization of Muslims, Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind files plea

The plea was filed through lawyer Ejaz Maqbool by Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind and the secretary of its legal cell. It said that the incident of Tablighi jamaat was unfortunate, and media people are using this against the whole Muslim community by demonizing them. Media used phrases like Corona Jihad, Corona Terrorism, Islamic Insurrection, Corona bombs, leading to hate against the whole Muslim community.

More than 9,000 people attended the event in Nizamussin last month, later becoming the hotspot of the spread of COVID-19. They even traveled to various parts of the country.

The Union health minister on Monday said that out of 4,000 cases reported in the country, around 1,445 cases have been of link with Tablighi Jamaat.

The plea has asked to stop spreading fake news which is resulting in the communal hatred against Muslims. Some fake videos were going viral, showing Muslims in a bad light, the plea added.

“It is submitted that such reporting has triggered communal antagonism and has also perpetrated hatred, resulting in fissiparous tendencies gaining a foothold, undermining and affecting communal harmony,” – the plea.

The petitioner has further submitted that the State had failed to check how communalized content by media is and not taking any action against such hatred elements the state had failed in its duty of providing law equally to all persons in India, under Article 14 of the Constitution. 

The petition mentioned that demonizing the Muslim community has to lead the situation of a life threat and liberty of Muslims. 

Violation of the right to life under article 21 takes place added in the plea.

The petition has sought directions to all media, not to spread the fake news and news contributing to communal hatred. They should have a sense of responsibility, added the plea.


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