PM: Coronavirus Has Shown Us Limitation Of Existing International System

PM: Coronavirus Has Shown Us Limitation Of Existing International System

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a video-conference of leaders of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) said that when the world is busy fighting against the pandemic, some countries are busy in spreading other viruses such as terrorism and fake news. Although he had taken any direct names of the countries.

Modi added that this coronavirus has shown the world the limitations of the existing international system and that now is the time for a new frame of just globalization.

He further added that the human race is dealing with a huge crisis and NAM can help promote global solidarity as it has often been the world’s moral voice. He said that NAM must remain inclusive to retain the role.

Over 30 other heads of states and governments and other leaders which include member states in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Europe, attended the video conference.

The Ministry of External Affairs(MEA) in a statement said that participation of Modi at the NAM”s summit marked India’s longstanding commitment to the principles and values of the bloc as one of its leading founding-member.

When talked about India’s role in global assistance provided, Modi said that 123 medical supplies have been provided to 123 partner countries, including 59 members of NAM, notwithstanding its domestic requirement.

Modi said that human welfare must be promoted and the focus should not only be on economic growth. He further said that restrictions which are prevailing in Systeme International d’Unites have been revealed by COVID-19 has shown us the restrictions of the prevailing. In the post-COVID world, we’d like a replacement template of globalization, supported fairness, equality, and humanity,” he said.

He added that we require international institutions that more accurately represent today’s world such as the International Day of Yoga, to enhance the physical and mental well-being of all humanity and International Solar Alliance, to assist our planet heal from the disease of global climate change.

Modi said NAM should call upon the international community and therefore the World Health Organization to specialize in building health-capacity in developing countries.

The leaders also announced the creation of a ‘task force’ to spot the requirements and requirements of member states through the establishment of a standard database reflecting their basic medical, social, and humanitarian needs within the fight against the pandemic, the MEA said.

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