PM Modi: We Must All Plan For New Reality, Follow ‘Jan Se Lekar Jag Tak’ Principle

PM Modi: We Must All Plan For New Reality, Follow 'Jan Se Lekar Jag Tak' Principle

Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the Chief Ministers of all the states and UTs in the country on the post-COVID 19 scenarios.

While opening the interaction Narendra Modi said that now they have a clear image of the geographical spread of the pandemic. He further said that they know now the most affected areas due to this pandemic and that now officials have understood how to operate the procedures, right up to the district level.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said about the requirement of a balanced approach in fighting against the COVID-19 crisis. He had also introduced efforts needed to approach ‘Jan Se Jag Tak‘ – from people to the world. He added that after the two World Wars, the World changed so after the COVID19, the World will change again.
PM Modi said that after Covid-19 the way of life will become ‘Jan Se Jag Tak‘ of ‘from an individual to the whole of humanity’.

A balanced strategy that should be adopted for the road ahead and what direction and path the country should follow could be known as per the suggestions made by the state, conveyed the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi to all the Chief Ministers.

Modi told the Chief Ministers that the areas which did not follow social-distancing norms or they have shown carelessness in implementing the guidelines of the lockdown, are in trouble now.

It was essential to making the best efforts to ensure that people stay where they were during the lockdown, the prime minister said.

However, in times like these people wish to go home, and therefore, a change in the decision had to be made, he added.

The lockdown was imposed on March 25 and lasted till April 14. The second phase of lockdown started from April 15 till May 3, but, the second phase was extended for two more weeks i.e. till May 17. It has been 54 days since the whole nation is under the lockdown. This lockdown has been imposed to break the chain of the pandemic. COVID-19, a disease that has been spreading through coronavirus, has been declared as a pandemic.

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