PMGKP: 144 Million Ration Card Holders Not Provided Grain In May

PMGKP: 144 Million Ration Card Holders Not Provided Grain In May

Around 144.5 million people who are eligible to be provided grain (wheat or rice) under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package (PMGKP) did not get their entitlement for May. This data was revealed by the Centre on 3rd June, reported The Wire.

The data also showed that 64.4 million people holding ration cards have not received their grains. In April they should have received their grain.

On March 26, the finance minister announced PMGKP, for benefitting 800 million people with an additional 5 kg of grain. This was to be provided free of charge for April, May and June. 

As per the government data, 5kg of grain under PMGKP reached only 738.6 million beneficiaries in April. However, the distribution of the regular entitlement of 5 kilograms under NFSA has reached 95% of the beneficiaries.

While in May, only 658.5 million people obtained the additional grain leaving 144.5 million people. The regular entitlements have reached 86% of the beneficiaries of NFSA.

PMGKP To Benefit 800 Million People

If all beneficiaries would have obtained grain under PMGKP, 40.15 lakh metric tonnes of grain would have been distributed.

However, as per the reports of The Wire, only 36.93 lakh metric tonnes was distributed for April, of which 30.16 lakh metric tonnes was distributed in April.

According to the data released, only 40% of the pulses reached to ration card holders in April and May.

Sitharamas, on May 14 said that 8 crore migrant workers (it has not yet been specified how this figure was arrived at) who do not hold ration cards will also be provided 5 kilograms of grain per person and 1 kilogram of channa per family, free of charge for two months.

The government’s press release made no mention of the status of this promise. However, as per the media reports, 25.75% of the grains needed to fulfil the promise have been lifted by one state. That state is – Andhra Pradesh – and two union territories – Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep. Moreover, the process of allocation of channa is yet to begin, reported The Wire.


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