Police Custody In India, Death Of Two People Breaks Outrage

Police Custody In India, Death Of Two People Breaks Outrage

In the police custody, death of father and son broke outrage among people. The death happened in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

The father, P Jeyaraj, 58, arrested along with his son Fenix, 38. The police arrested them for purportedly keeping their stores open past allowed hours during lockdown due to the COVID-19.

Both of them died after kept in custody for an entire night. According to their relatives, both father and son died due to brutal torture at the police custody. Protests broke out demanding justice for the deaths of father and son.

The policemen who arrested the two men have been transferred, and the state government has awarded compensation of one million rupees (£10,716; $13,222) to their families.
This incident attracted the national spotlight after highlighted by social media.

‘As Per Relatives Father and Son Died Because of Torture In Police Custody’

Moreover, many questioned raised about the incident being ignored at a higher level. A similar incident happened in America, where a black man dies by the hands of a white policeman. This movement gathered global attention as that happened in a big city.

A report released by a consortium of NGOs against custodial torture said that in India during 2019, 1,731 people died in Indian custody.

In India, torture and beating up of suspects to make them confess are two important practices. Most of the time polices involved in torturing and beatings are transferred rather than being punished.

The rare times that they are held accountable, the judiciary has made stinging remarks about the need for reform.
In one verdict last year, a judge noted that “they are confident that they will not be held accountable even if the victim dies in custody and even if the truth is revealed,” reported BBC.

BBC further reported, in 2006, the Indian Supreme Court ruled that each state should set up a police complaints authority where any citizen can lodge a complaint against police officers for any misdemeanour. However, this has not been done in most states.

Activists say much more far-reaching intervention is needed to change the system.


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