President Kovind: Populated Countries Like India Must Take Steps To Control Population

On Saturday, the President Ram Nath Kovind clapped for Prime Minister Narendra Modi for taking steps timely to deal with COVID-19 pandemic which is effective and making sure that India takes a leading role in fighting against the pandemic. Meanwhile, speaking to a daily, the President also stressed the necessity to take action for population control in the country.

After President Kovind stresses need to take steps for population control, #PopulationControlLaw trends on Twitter.

President Kovind said that countries like India, which are large and densely populated, have to plan deliberate actions, specifically on the subject of controlling the population of the country. He further said that if no deliberate actions were taken on this subject, then disasters like COVID-19 can have severe consequences in our country.

After the President had made the suggestion, BJP spokesperson Ashwini Upadhyay asked Twitter users to trend #PopulationControlLaw and communicate the problems which are arising due to population outburst.

Further claiming, Ashwini Upadhyay said that the area of the USA is 95,25,067 sq km, and children born per day in that country are 10,247. In China, the area is 95,96,960 sq km and the children born per day are 46,299. However, in India, the area is 32,87,263 sq km and the children born per day are 67,385. Through this claiming, Upadhyay wanted to show that India needs a Law specifically designed for Population Control.

The BJP spokesperson added that on January, 1, 10,247 children were born in America and 67,385 children in India. While the area of America is three times more than India. 67,385 a day means 25 million children in a year, he said. He further added that for any country to create two and a half million new jobs every year is an impossible task.

Meanwhile, #PopulationControlLaw trended on the microblogging website.

BJP’s Khemchand Sharma said that they are in complete agreement with the concern of the President subjected to #PopulationExplosion, so the demand for #PopulationControlLaw is valid. He further said that despite what people’s faith or religion says, nobody should be allowed to have more than two children. Moreover, three children at maximum are allowed in exceptional cases.


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