Rahul Gandhi: India Will Lose Against COVID If Modi Continues To Make All Decisions Himself

On Friday, Rahul Gandhi, former Congress president debated that the COVID-19 pandemic was a ‘deadly disease only for one or two percent of the population’ and asserted that India would ‘lose the battle against it if everything was decided by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO)’. He has asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to talk to the Chief Ministers in preparing a transparent policy about ending the lockdown.

He further said that Mr. Modi should do something to eliminate the fear which has risen due to this disease.
Mr. Gandhi in an online press conference denied any attacks by him on the government but he suggested measures to cope up with this lockdown.

Recently Chief Ministers of Congress-ruled party have complained against the center’s decision on marking COVID-19 affected zones as green, orange, and red and allegedly not providing adequate funds to fight the pandemic.

Rahul Gandhi commented after this complaint that power should be decentralized to battle against the virus and if PMO takes decisions all alone we would be losing this battle. Further adding he said that the PM has to trust all the CMs and further all DMs because there will be a calamity if power is centralized.

Mr. Gandhi said though the Centre had an important role in formulating national policy, the bulk of the fight had to be carried out by the States and at the district level.
“The Prime Minister has his style, but in my view, in such a situation, a strong Prime Minister, a lot of strong Chief Ministers and a lot of strong Collectors are needed. I want the disease tackled at the local level itself. I want a strong Indian leader to stand in front of this disease – be it a DM or a farmer,” he said.

He also expressed his disappointment over migrant workers walking back to their villages even after announcements of arrangements of buses and trains.

“Creating demand, putting money into the system, putting money into poor people’s hands, helping small and medium businesses, making sure you are protecting some of the larger players, these are all things that are internally linked if you want to start the economy,” he stated.


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