Response Of Govt Towards Poor Section

The whole nation is under the lockdown imposed by the Government due to the COVID-19, a disease spread by the coronavirus. This disease has been declared as a pandemic now.
Due to the lockdown industries have been shut down, thus resulting in the loss of jobs by the migrant workers. The response of govt towards the poor section of society is not what it should be.

The worst affected by the lockdown are the migrant workers, household workers, conclusively, those who are poor are worst affected by the lockdown.

Though the Government has been doing their efforts to provide essentials to the needy like, via PMCares fund, in reality, still there are poor who are devoid of these essentials.
As per the guidelines, provided by the Government, during the lockdown, railways, buses, all transports will be temporarily shut off.

This has a devasting impact, on the migrant workers who are left stranded, with no jobs thus no income. With zero income and no food to eat, they are forced to go back to their homes, but, with no means of transportation, they are marching together to their homes.

Recently, Shakuntala, the wife of a migrant worker, with nine-month pregnancy took the risk of walking from Nashik to Satna, which is 1,000 km.
On May 5, on the roadside, she gave birth to a baby, and after resting for an hour, she continued the march. She was one of the sixteen, who were marching from Nashik to Satna.

These poor migrant workers are struggling during this crisis, and on the other hand, the Government has made arrangements, to bring back Indians, who are stranded in other countries.

As reported by Times Of India, sources said that MEA had also developed a “dynamic online platform”, on which requests received from Indians, who are stranded in other countries, and wish to return to India, have been uploaded regularly. There is a mandatory payment, to be made, by those who wish to return to India. This is an injustice to the poor workers, and labourers, who depend on small jobs for their daily income, and because they are poor they would be devoid of any special support. Thus, the response of govt is discriminatory based on the status of the people.

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