Retail Traders Lost 3.15 Lakh Crore During Lockdown

Retail Traders Lost 3.15 Lakh Crore During Lockdown

Due to the coronavirus, the lockdown has been enforced over the nation, and this lockdown has been stretched till May 3.
A loss of Rs. 3.15 lakh crore has been suffered by the retailers during the lockdown, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) said on Tuesday. CAIT has said this statemen even they “strongly supported” Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s move to extend the curbs to fight coronavirus.

The lockdown has affected people who work on daily wages, housekeepers, and major- retailers.

An assurance has been made by CAIT to the government that the traders will continue to run the supply chain of essential goods in a “most efficient and effective” manner so that citizens do not face any difficulty.

National President of CAIT, BC Bhartia, and, Secretary-General, Praveen Khandelwal, said in a statement that seven crore traders are there in the nation, of which essential commodities are dealt with 1.5 crore traders but traders who have been able to continue operations counts to 40 lakh only. This is so because there is difficulty in the obtainment of passes from the authorities and transport unavailability.

Sushil Kumar Jain, CAIT’s Delhi NCR unit Convener said the Prime Minister’s decision to stretch the lockdown in the country is supported strongly by traders’ community.

Retail Traders Lost 3.15 Lakh Crore During Lockdown

CAIT called the decision of extension of lockdown by Narendra Modi as a logical and very important step required in the present crisis. Further adding it assured the Prime Minister that traders’ will continue to run supply chain of essential goods most efficiently and effectively so that citizens of the country do not face trouble in getting essential commodities.

As per the statement by CAIT about 80 per-cent of trader’s employees have shifted to their villages during the early days of lockdown while only 20 percent of employees are working with traders for the supply of essential goods,

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on previous Tuesday announced the extension of the current lockdown till 3 May, saying it as a necessity to curb the outbreak of COVID-19, a disease spread by a coronavirus.

On Wednesday detailed guidelines of the extended lockdown were provided by the Government in which relaxations were allowed with regions having no hotspots, after April 20.

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