Compulsory Quarantine, Returnees Of Karnataka Sent Back

Returnees of Karnataka sent back, compulsory quarantine

Returnees of Karnataka were sent back home as compulsory quarantine when they refused to enter for compulsory quarantine.

About 19 passengers who arrived in Bengaluru on Thursday, 14 May, on an express train from New Delhi left the city the same evening. This incident happened after the passengers who reached Bengaluru in the morning denied to enter compulsory quarantine according to the latest government orders. These passengers claimed that they were not informed about the change in protocol.

Passengers who were mainly residents of Karnataka were shocked upon hearing that they would be put under compulsory quarantine in government-designated hotels across the state.

Some of the passengers denied from knowing of any information related to compulsory quarantine while many of them said that they did not know about the change in rules, others claimed that they were denied their choice of free accommodation, making it difficult for them to shell out the thousands of rupees required to stay in the quarantine facility.

Charged for quarantine hotels

As per the reports of The Quint, one of the passengers said that when she, along with her aged parents reached Bengaluru city railway station, she was told that they would not be allowed to return home even though she had an e-pass procured for inter-district travel from Telangana which clearly states that they would be sent to home quarantine upon arriving Bengaluru.

The Quint further informed that the passenger told that she wanted to stay in a budget hotel at the station, but she was escorted to a hotel where the management charged Rs. 3600, for a room.

A resident of Guttahali, who is at present staying in a lodge near the railway station told that when they were booking their journey tickets, IRCTC could have told them about the compulsory quarantine. She further said that they were planning to go via road, but she had aged parents with her, so opted for the train. She added that not only they were quarantined compulsory, but were even told, to stay in two separate rooms. The passenger said that she did not have this huge amount to pay for the hotel, and if she knew earlier about the mandatory quarantine, she would not have even come.

Claiming that her aged parents are fully dependent on her, she said that they should have been allowed to quarantine at their empty home.


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