Rice ATM In Vietnam Feeding People Out Of Work

Rice ATM In Vietnam Feeding People Out Of Work

Due to the COVID-19, a disease caused by a coronavirus, the lockdown has been imposed almost globally. This lockdown has enforced people, who are daily workers a lack of food supplies.

Vietnam has introduced a “Rice-atm”, filling the voids of eatables to survive because of this lockdown.

Vietnam has reported 262 cases of COVID-19, with death toll counting to zero as of now.

Vietnam has thousands of workers, deprived of their works due to the lockdown, extended for 15 days until now.

In Ho Chi-Minh city of Vietnam, an entrepreneur introduced an automatic dispensing machine, working 24 hours, which provides free rice to people, laid off their work amidst this lockdown.

A 34-year old, mother of three children, whose husband has temporarily lost his work, found this machine fulfilling for surviving each day. They need food other than just rice. She added that they get food from their neighbors, or they can have instant noodles.

The machine provides free rice for people out of work due to coronavirus lockdown

1.5 kg of rice, the machine produces- connected to a silo. Workers who earn on daily wages like selling of lottery tickets, and housekeeping, can get rice from this machine for free.

As per the state media, other cities like Hanoi, Hue, and Danang, are introducing this machine too.

Rice ATM In Vietnam Feeding People Out Of Work

Employees who are monitoring this rice-ATM have declined this comment. Hoang Tuan Anh founder of this machine told media that he wanted to make people feel that there is no scarcity of food and other resources, in between this economic crisis.

Before introducing the rice-atm, Hoang Tuan Anh contributed to the hospitals in Ho Chi Minh city. He built a batch of smart doorbells before coming to food distribution.

The machine is named “rice-ATM” as it lets people withdraw rice from it knowing that there are good people out there, added Anh.

Ly a person who depends on the rice-ATM says- “I read about this rice-ATM on the internet and came to check it out and couldn’t believe it came out for real.” The bigger problem that lies ahead for her is paying for the rent, added Ly.

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