Russia Approves First Covid-19 Vaccine For Use, First Country To Do So

Russia Approves First Covid-19 Vaccine For Use, First Country To Do So

On Tuesday, Russia became the first country to officially register a vaccine for coronavirus. Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin said that one of his daughters was treated with the registered vaccine.

Putin focussed that the vaccine went through necessary tests and have been efficient in providing immunity from the coronavirus. However, scientists worry that use of vaccine before its Phase 3 trials could backfire. Phase 3 trial lasts for months and involve thousands of people.

In a Government meeting on Tuesday, Putin said that the vaccine went through proper testing and is found safe,

“I would like to repeat that it has passed all the necessary tests,” he said. “The most important thing is to ensure full safety of using the vaccine and its efficiency.”

Putin added that one of his two daughters took part in the vaccination process, and has taken two shots of the vaccine.

Putin said that his daughter measured a temperature of 38 degree Celsius on the day when the vaccine was injected. Further, on the following day, her temperature dropped to 37 degree Celsius. When the second shot was injected, her temperature rose slightly but then it got constant.

“She’s feeling well and has a high number of antibodies,” Putin added. However, he had disclosed that which of the two daughters have been injected with the vaccine.

Authorities of Russia said that the first one to be injected by the vaccine will be medical workers, teachers, and other risk groups.
Tatyana Golikova, Deputy Prime Minister said that from this month only the vaccination of doctors would be started.

In Tuesday’s statement, the Health Minister said that it is expected that the vaccine will provide immunity from the coronavirus for as long as 2 years.

Moreover, Putin said that the vaccination will be done on a voluntary basis. Large scale production of the vaccine will start in September, and the mass vaccination might begin as early as October, said Russian officials.


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