San Francisco Becomes 6th US City To Censure CAA And NRC

San Francisco Becomes 6th US City To Censure CAA And NRC

On Wednesday, reported that US’ city San Francisco condemned the CAA and NRC, thus becoming the US’ 6th city to censure these acts.

Similar resolutions have been passed by Albany, Seattle, Hamtramck, and Cambridge. They called CAA and NRC as exclusionary and bigoted.

On Tuesday the held council meeting included the Alliance for Justice and Accountability along with other local San Francisco organizations. They concluded that CAA and NRC are acts “to render millions of people among minorities and caste oppressed stateless”. 

The Alliance for Justice and Accountability said that the use of religion as a criterion for granting citizenship is a “flagrant violation of all norms of secular democracies.” It further added that CAA and NRC are inconsistent with India’s Constitution that guarantees equality before the law for people of all faiths.

Sharmin Hossain of the Equality Labs, a human rights start-up said CAA and NRC as genocidal projects. She said, “These genocidal projects happen in the shadows and this resolution highlights the significance of standing up for South Asian minorities, Muslims, and caste oppressed communities.”

She added that thousands of organisers across the country have called for the resolution to be amplified to ensure it is an example for cities across the US to not stand on the “side of genocide”.

On December 11, Parliament approved CAA which provides citizenship to refugees from 6 minority religious communities on certain conditions. The six religious communities were from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. They were provided citizenship on the condition that they have lived in India for 6 years and have entered the country by December 31, 2014.

Anti CAA and NRC protests erupted all around the country after the Act was passed. Around 70 people got killed in these protest. The protest stopped only when the pandemic came in and the country was imposed under lockdown.

The NRC is an exercise conducted in the whole nation to recognize migrants without their documents. In Assam last year, NRC was carried out that resulted in the removal of 19 lakh people.

Critics fear that the CAA, when used in conjunction with a proposed National Register of Indian Citizens, will allow the government to force many Muslims to prove their citizenship.


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