Satyendar Jain, Delhi’s Health Minister Admitted To Hospital

Satyendar Jain, Delhi's Health Minister Admitted To Hospital

Satyendar Jain, Health Minister of Delhi was admitted today at RGSS (Rajiv Gandhi Super Speciality). He was admitted after he had a fever along with difficulty in breathing.

The Hindu reported as told by a source within AAP that the minister’s samples have been taken for a coronavirus test. It further reported that the minister’s oxygen levels were low. However, he tested negative for coronavirus, a hospital official said. On the other hand, Mr. Jain is undergoing other tests.

“Due to high grade fever and a sudden drop of my oxygen levels last night I have been admitted to RGSSH. Will keep everyone updated,” Mr. Jain tweeted earlier in the day.

In response to his tweet, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal replied on the microblogging site, “Without taking care of your health, you engaged in public service 24 hours a day. Take care and get well soon.”

Commenting on the health of Satyendar, an official said his “fever has come down and oxygen levels are better. His test result is expected by evening.”

Last week, Mr. Kejriwal had also developed a fever and cough and was tested for COVID-19. His test came back negative and he resumed work soon after.

Mr. Satyendar Jain Showed Difficulty In Breathing And Fever

The Congress of Delhi had earlier raised questions about Kejriwal’s COVID-19 test reports, which came much early as compared to other COVID-19 patients. Kejriwal got his report within 12 hours, other people who had taken tests are waiting for days to get results. “I would like to ask Mr. Kejriwal that if he could get his test result in 12 hours then why does the “aam” citizen have to wait so long for a result. Do they not have the right to receive their result as soon as you did,” Delhi Congress Chief Anil Kumar had said.

He also questioned how the CM’s sample was allowed to be collected for testing as according to the government’s rules, those with mild symptoms like fever and cough did not have to be tested. “Why is the CM promoting this VIP culture for himself instead of leading by example,” Mr. Kumar had said.


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