Saudi Arabia: Limited Local Hajj Pilgrims Allowed Amid COVID-19

Saudi Arabia: Limited Local Hajj Pilgrims Allowed Amid COVID-19

Amid the coronavirus, Saudi Arabia has announced that this year a limited number of people will perform the Hajj. As per the made announcement only locals will be allowed to perform Hajj. After the announcement, the Indian government has made a decision of refunding the application money to Indian pilgrims without any deductions.

Referring to this, Union Minister for Ministry Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said, “We have decided that Haj pilgrims from India will not send to Saudi Arabia for Haj 2020. Application money for more than 2.3 lakh pilgrims will be returned without cancellation deductions through direct transfer.”

As per reports, Saudi Arabia said that they will allow people with different nationalities but only residing in the kingdom take part in the Hajj. The Pilgrimage is scheduled to begin in July. However, they are yet to announce the number of pilgrims allowed to take part in the Hajj.

This decision of Saudi Arabia came due to the number of coronavirus cases Rising across the world.

So far Saudi Arabia has 161K confirmed coronavirus. Moreover, India has so far 440k confirm coronavirus Cases. The death toll of Indians due to the coronavirus has reached to 14,011.

Further in the worldwide, the coronavirus cases has reached to 9.1 million of confirmed cases a number of 4.53 million people got recovered from the infection in the worldwide till now 472K people have died across the world due to the coronavirus.

As per the ministry who oversees pilgrimages stated in a statement that this decision has been taken in order to perform Hajj in a safe manner due to the coronavirus. It further stated that along with limited number of people performing Hajj they will ensure all preventive measures taken. Adding it said that all social distance and protocols will be followed in order to protect the people from the risk related to the novel coronavirus.

Also, as per the records, Saudi Arabia since its establishment, has never canceled the Haj in the nearly 90 years.


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