Saudi Top Religious Body Urges Home Prayers In Ramadan Amid COVID-19

Saudi Top Religious Body Urges Home Prayers In Ramadan Amid COVID-19

The council of senior scholars, the highest religious body in Saudi Arabia has urged Muslims of all the world to pray at their homes during Ramadan if their country is implementing the lockdown, as reported by SPA news agency, on Sunday.

Almost all the countries globally are in the lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19,  a disease caused by the coronavirus. Social distancing is required to have a break in coronavirus chain which is spreading fastly, turning disease as a pandemic.

Later this week Muslims are going to have Ramadan, lasting for a month. In this month Muslims do fasting and break it with their families or friends, and they gather in numbers in mosques for prayers known as “Taraweeh.”

The report stated in a statement that Muslims should offer prayers at home and not in huge gatherings as in Taraweeh, as getting collected in large numbers are the main cause of the spread of this virus. Preserving the lives of people is an act that brings one closer to God, the statement further said.

On Friday, Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Al al-Sheikh also expressed the same views as above by saying that if the outbreak continues, Muslims should offer prayer at homes and on later Eid al-Fitr feast should also be done at home.

Saudi Top Religious Body Urges Home Prayers In Ramadan Amid COVID-19

The current cases of coronavirus in Saudi Arabia account for 8,274 and 82 deaths have been seen by it till now. The deaths due to COVID-19, in Saudi Arabia is the highest among the six Gulf Arab states. Total cases in all Gulf Arab states reaches to 24,374, and 156 deaths so far.

To limit the spread of coronavirus Saudi Arabia has made an effort by restricting people from the offering, five times daily prayers and Friday weekly prayer, in mosques. This step was taken by the Saudi Government in mid-March itself.

In the previous week, the Prophet’s mosque has said that it will stop events meant to be happening at the place, that distributes meal for breaking the fast inside the mosque, during Ramadan.

As of Sunday, there have been over 2.3 million cases of COVID-19 across the world and over 164,000 deaths. Over 600,000 people have recovered from the virus so far.

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