Second Sero-Survey: Every 15th Person Exposed To Virus By Aug

Second Sero-Survey: Every 15th Person Exposed To Virus By Aug

According to the ICMR’s second sero-survey findings which were released on Tuesday, a considerable population is still susceptible to COVID-19. As per findings, one in 15 individuals aged 10 years or above were estimated to get exposed to SARS-CoV2 by August 2020.

Director-General of ICMR, Balram Bhargava said at a press briefing that 6.6 % of the 29,082 people (= > 10 years) surveyed between 17 August to 22 September showed traces of past exposure to COVID-19 and 7.1 %of the adult population (= > 18 years) also showed past traces of COVID-19.

He said that the risk of COVID-19 in urban slums is twice to that of the risk in non-slum urban areas whereas it is four times to the risk in rural areas.

“Urban slums (15.6 percent) and non-slum (8.2 percent) areas had higher SARS-COV2 infection prevalence than that in rural areas (4.4 percent),” he said quoting the second sero-survey.

In the same 700 villages and wards, the second sero-survey was conducted which were covered during the first sero-survey.

In May 2020, the first sero-survey revealed that the nationwide prevalence of new coronavirus infection was only 0.73 %. Moreover, the second sero-survey showed lower infections in August as compared to May.

Rajesh Bhushan, the Health Secretary said that India has the lowest death rate in the whole world, 4,453 COVID-19 cases and 70 deaths per million population.

VK Paul, the NITI Aayog member requested people to take proper precautions against COVID as there is no reason to become lax if there is stability in cases of coronavirus.

“We need to have Puja, Chhath, Diwali and Eid with masks, it is very important to keep that in mind. We have seen a second peak in Delhi, Kerala and Punjab so we should not get lax and keep following COVID-appropriate behaviour,” he said.

He added that in the coming winters, people are more prone to pneumonia, influenza and other respiratory infections.


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