Sedition Charges Against Sharjeel Imam For Jamia Riots

Sedition Charges Against Sharjeel Imam For Jamia Riots

A former JNU student, Sharjeel Imam, faced sedition charges by Delhi police before a court on Saturday for delivering speeches that promote enmity between people thus resulting in the riots of Jamia Millia Islamia University area.

On December 15, last year, Jamia Millia Islamia area faced a serious riot as students were protesting for the amendments in Citizenship Act, which was to be passed by the government.

The mob which was responsible for the riot, stone-pelted people, and used arson thus destroying many public and private properties including hurting people. Both the police stations got cases of rioting, arson, and stone-pelting by the mob. A file reported to the Chief metropolitan magistrate court by an agency told that both people and police injured in this riot.

The two police stations which recorded these cases were of New friends colony and Jamia Nagar.

Sedition Charges Against Sharjeel Imam For Jamia Riots

On December 13, 2019, a seditious speech was delivered by Sharjeel Imam in New Friends Colony, which led to the starting of riots and his speech encouraged it, said the police.
It also added further, that, after the investigation done by them, evidence collected, charged Sharjeel Imam for sedition under article 124A and for promoting enmity between classes under article 153 A IPC.

SIT has arrested rioters against whom the file has been charged by the police. They said that further investigation of this case is underway.

On January 28, from Bihar’s Jehanabd, Sharjeel Imam was arrested. He had been delivering speeches and was involved in all protests at Shaheen Bagh, but, he got limelight after a video of him went viral which showed him making comments which were in controversies, before a gathering at AMU(Aligarh Muslim University). After this video Sharjeel Imam was booked under sedition charges by the police.

He was also booked for giving an “inflammatory” speech in Jamia Millia Islamia, by the Delhi police.
Sharjeel Imam has been filed with another case, under the stringent anti-terror law, in Assam. This was so, as he gave the remark that Assam could be severed from India, even if for a few months, due to the Citizenship Amendment Act.

He had been lodged with FIRs by Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur’s police because of a speech which he gave in which he threatened to “cut off” Assam and the rest of the northeast from the country.


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