Shrines Reopening Would Spike COVID-19 Cases: WB BJP Chief

Recently, West Bengal’s Chief Minister, Mamta Bannerjee announced the decision of opening shrines amid the lockdown. However, West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh on Friday asked Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to rethink on her decision to reopen shrines. He said that it might lead to a spike in the number of coronavirus cases in the state.

Banerjee on Friday announced a slew of relaxations, including reopening of shrines from June 1 and functioning of state government offices with 70 per cent attendance from the second week of June.

Apart from West Bengal, Karnataka has already announced the opening of shrines.

However, Mamta Banerjee made it transparent that no gathering would be allowed. She added that not more than 10 people would be allowed at a time at religious places in the state.

Ghosh: We Don’t Think This Is The Right Decision By The State Government To Reopen Shrines Amid Lockdown

Upon her decision, Ghosh said, “We don’t think this is the right decision by the state government.” He further asked that who will make sure that only 10 people will enter the shrine at a time. “Will there be police posted? I feel the state government should rethink, as the number of cases is rising every day,” said Ghosh.

Moreover, the number of migrant workers retrieved by West Bengal is very low. Upon this Ghosh said that the state government is hesitating in accepting them because of the fear of spreading coronavirus.

He further said that the Muslim community should think over this matter. Migrants of West Bengal are from minority-dominated districts. Since the state is not accepting the migrants and Banerjee projects herself as the messiah of the minority community, the time has come to unmask her,” he added.

The BJP leader alleged that no proper arrangements were made for their return and they were not being subjected to any tests nor were they sent to quarantine.

Ghosh claimed that the government was running away from dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. He further warned the state to prepare for the worst. He accused the government of not taking the coronavirus seriously during the initial days of lockdown.


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