Sonia Gandhi Writes Measures Against COVID-19 to PM Modi

Sonia Gandhi Writes Measures Against COVID-19 to PM Modi

Congress leader Sonia Gandhi urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to declare a financial budget of around 5-6 percent of India’s GDP post coronavirus lockdown to have a backup of economic recovery.

She also asked the prime minister to provide 10-kilogram food grains for free to the poor, till September. This extends to people not holding ration cards as well.

Though India has a stock of food supplies people are deprived of it and send towards poverty due to lockdown.

She said that in the fight against coronavirus no people should face hunger.

After the extension of lockdown was announced this Tuesday morning, by Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi suggested that this lockdown is effective only if mass testings are conducted to segregate the hotspots of this virus. The business areas to be open in non-affected parts of the nation.

He further added that the lockdown has brought a crisis upon the migrant workers and people who are on daily wages.

Rahul Gandhi on Twitter said that this lockdown for the entire nation has brought calamity upon millions of people who are on daily wages, farmers, and migrant laborers.

Anand Sharma senior spokesperson of Congress party said to provide all the dues to be made, to states to help them fight against the coronavirus. He also asked the government to provide economic relief packages to each state.

Many countries like the UK, France, and Germany have declared an economic relief package of 15 percent of their GDP. US has also declared 10 percent of its nation s GDP.

He added that the government should take action, as this is not the time to worry about financial crisis and inflation.

Sonia Gandhi Writes Measures Against COVID-19 to PM Modi Sonia Gandhi Writes Measures Against COVID-19 to PM Modi

Amid COVID crisis, former commerce minister has asked pm to ensure that all the pharmaceutical industries along with the financial and industrial sector are not taken by foreign entities.

He further said that the government of India should be alert and, it should inform SEBI and RBI to take some action regarding this crisis.

“No country in the world allows that. There has to be a policy, India must not allow that to happen,” he said,

Special revival package, especially for the MSME sector, has been requested by him along with funds with a zero percent interest rate by banks.

Citing an ILO study he fears that 400 million workers of India will be pushed in the poverty due to the prolonged lockdown.

Sonia Gandhi appraised PM Modi’s initiative of distribution of 5 kg of food grains to poor for 3 months and called this distribution as a necessity to protect people from during hunger.

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