Sudarshan News Tried Tarnishing The Image Of Jamia

Sudarshan News Tried Tarnishing The Image Of Jamia

On Thursday, Jamia Millia Islamia asked the Union Education Ministry to take action against Sudarshan News channel and its editor-in-chief Suresh Chavhanke. JMI alleged them for “tarnishing” the image of the university.

For an upcoming show, Chavhanke tweeted a trailer, claiming that it was an expose on the the “infiltration of Muslims” in the Civil Services. The tweet was made on August 26, with the hashtag ‘UPSC Jihad’.

He called, in the video, the Jamia’s RCA passing out students and students who cleared the UPSC as “Jamia ke Jihadi.”

Jamia PRO Ahmed Azeem said that they have written to the Ministry of Education telling them about the whole episode of the show and they have requested to take proper against it. He added that Sudarshan Channel has tried tarnishing the image of Jamia Millia Islamia along with a particular community as well as UPSC.

The IPS Association tweeted that Sudarshan TV is promoting a news story which targets the candidates in Civil services based on religion.

Najma Akhtar, Jamia’s VC said that Chavhanke gave a new “secular definition” of Jihadi: “We don’t want to give them too much importance. As far as our students are concerned, 30 students from RCA were selected this time out of which 16 are Muslims and 14 are Hindus. Since they were all called jihadis, it means 16 were Muslim jihadis and 14 others were Hindu jihadis. India has been given a new secular definition of jihadis.”

The JTA made the demand that the remarks made by Suresh Chavhanke should be filed under a criminal defamation suit.
JTA said that the CMD of Sudarshan News made several derogatory remarks which divide people of India.

In response to allegations, Chavhanke said that he will say what he has to on his show which is to be aired on Friday night. “I don’t know if there are Hindus (in RCA),” said Chavhanke. He added that people who are offended by the word Jihadi should answer if the word is an abuse. He further asked that how in Civil Services, Muslim numbers are increasing. He added that Muslims are provided back door favour, the choice to chose the Urdu language, Islamic studies, etc.


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