Super Pink Moon 2020 : What is a Super Pink Moon?

Super Pink Moon 2020 : What is a Super Pink Moon?

Get ready for the second supermoon of the Year 2020. It is known as the Pink supermoon or Super Pink Moon or the Paschal Moon. The Pink Super Moon is expected to be visible from moonrise on 7 April 2020. However, in India Super Pink Moon will be visible at 8.05 am Indian Standard Time (IST).

What is a Supermoon?

The National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) says a supermoon occurs when a full moon is at its closest to the Earth. The moon revolves around the earth in an elliptical orbit i.e. as an oval and it has the farthest and closest point from our planet as it goes around.

What is a Pink Supermoon?

While in 2020, a couple of supermoons will appear, this pink supermoon is assigned to be the biggest and brightest of all the supermoons.

On this day moon will get closest to the earth than any of the other full moons. The first supermoon of 2020 was on 9 March and the last one will take place on 7 May.

Supermoons are also 7% bigger and about 15% brighter than the usual full moons.

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Super Pink Moon 2020 : What is a Super Pink Moon?

How did it get its name – Pink supermoon?

The Pink moons do not have even a hint of pink in it, unlike the Blood moons that have a tinge of red to it. However, it gets its name from the pink wildflowers – Wild Ground Phlox – that bloom in the spring and are native to North America.

Pink Supermoon is also known as Paschal moon, as in the Christian calendar, this is used to calculate the date for Easter – the first Sunday after the Paschal Moon is Easter Sunday.

Super pink moon 2020: How to watch

The pink supermoon 2020 will be flashing enough to be seen from the balcony of houses. People can watch the pink supermoon 2020 on live telecast organized by various international Astro bodies.


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