Sweden: Riot Breaks Out In Southern Sweden After ‘Anti-Islam’ Actions

Sweden: Riot Breaks Out In Southern Sweden After 'Anti-Islam' Actions

On late Friday, in southern Sweden, protestors pelted stones at police and burned tyres according to authorities. Several policemen were slightly injured in the violent act. This started happening after a Danish politician who is an anti-Muslim was stopped from attending a Quran-burning rally happening nearby.

According to local media and police, around three hundred people came on streets of Malmo and violence reached a peak in the evening.

Earlier in the same day, an incident happened in which some protestors burned a copy of Quran-an Islamic book. According to what a police spokesman Richard Lundqvist told Swedish tabloid Expressen, the demonstration held was in connection with the incident.

Leader of the far-right Danish anti-immigration party Hard Line, Rasmus Paludan, was about to travel to Malmo for an event speaking. He has to speak at the event on the same day as weekly prayers for the Muslim sabbath.

However, Paludan’s arrival was pre-empted by authorities after they announced that Paludan has been banned from coming into Sweden for two years. Moreover, Paludan was arrested later near Malmo.

A spokesperson for the police, Calle Persson, in Malmo told AFP that they suspect that Paludan was about to break the law in Sweden.

“There was also a risk that his behaviour… would pose a threat to society.”

However, his supporters moved ahead with the rally and later three people were arrested for encouraging racial hatred. Three arrested men kicked a copy of the Quran between police in a public square.

Further, a harsh message was put up by Paludan on Facebook.

“Sent back and banned from Sweden for two years. However, rapists and murderers are always welcome!” he wrote.

Last year, Paludan was highlighted by the media after he burnt a Quran which was covered in bacon. Bacon is a type of meat which is prohibited for Muslims.


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