Tablighi Jamaati Recovered From COVID-19, Want To Donate Plasma

Tablighi Jamaati Recovered From COVID-19, Want To Donate Plasma

Recently, an event of Tablighi jamaat in Markaz, near the Nizamuddin area in New Delhi attracted highlights as many tested positive in the COVID-19 tests.

People who have recovered from the virus among the Tablighi jamaat have a step forward to donate their plasma to the plasma therapy clinical trial in the State.

Apart from the reason that they want the critically ill patient to get cured they want to counter the accusations made on them ever since a large number of those who attended the Islamic gathering tested positive.

Tablighi Jamaati Recovered From COVID-19, Want To Donate Plasma

Muhammad Saad Kandhalvi, 54-year-old, leads a portion of Tabligh jamaat requested his brothers who were not infected with the virus and who were infected but were cured, to donate their plasma to help other people fighting against this disease.

He asked his brothers to come forward and to show kindness to humanity through this act. Saad and his few other brothers are still in quarantine. Delhi police have booked him for conducting religious gathering amidst the lockdown imposed due to COVID-19.  a disease spread by the coronavirus.

It is important to take care of people’s needs, foods, and other requirements especially to the poor during this crisis. Saad noted that at this grave time the greater responsibility is to save the life of a sick person and to spend our own life and wealth so that a person can be cured of this deadly disease.

Tablighi Jamaati Recovered From COVID-19, Want To Donate Plasma

Several Tamil Nadu jamaat members have come forward to donate their plasma, responding to their chief.

The thought in this treatment is that immunity can be shifted from a person who is healthy to a sick patient using convalescent plasma. Antibodies are used in this therapy from the blood of a COVID-19 patient who has recovered to treat another patient who is in critical condition. Antibodies are developed in the sick patient’s blood through the recovered COVID-19 patient’s blood. Once the blood of the first patient is introduced to the second patient, those antibodies will start battling against coronavirus in the second person.

Recently in Tiruppur, a young businessman has offered for his plasma donation to the needy one. He had provided his contact number to the administration who would contact him if and when necessary. Besides this businessman, many people who gathered at Tabligh jamaat event are coming forward to provide help by donating their plasma.

COVID-19 patients in Tamil Nadu account to 1,520.


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